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CRITIC’S RATING: :4 Star Rating: Recommended4 Star Rating: Recommended (2.0/5)
CAST:Zaan Khan, Shubhangi Mehrotra, Charu Arora, Prasad Sikhre, Parmeet Sethi
DIRECTION:Janak Toprani
DURATION2 hours 6 minutes
STORY: Yash incurs heavy losses in the business that his father left him to oversee. Now, with the help of his friends, the young entrepreneur uses unorthodox means to make all that lost money back.

REVIEW: A prankster and popular college student, Yash is the apple of his father’s eye. When his dad chooses to go on a well-deserved break to the United States, he leaves Yash in charge of his call centre business, something that the senior has built up from scratch. While his father chose a conservative way of running things, Yash believes in being the first one to get the job done. Within the first 20 minutes of the film, Yash manages to scare away all his father’s clients and ends up bankrupting the call centre. But he has a way out. He starts a raunchy, adult hotline where men call-in and talk dirty. His friends Anu (Shubhangi Mehrotra) and Sush (Charu Asopa) pool in with the dirty talk business and he almost makes up all the money as another tragedy strikes. Now the youngster has to make twice the amount and pay back the dreaded gangster Daabla Supari (Linesh Fanse).

A coming-of-age comedy, ‘Call For Fun’ tries to be ‘cool’ and with the times, but it doesn’t succeed on account of its wavering plot and weak performances. The fact that Yash’s father can leave an entire business to him, knowing his son is a temperamental and impulsive boy, doesn’t quite make sense.

Even before the third act, the movie loses the plot when Yash makes a truckload of money helped by only his friends and with marginal staff. The only interesting and funny bits are when we see their romance hotline function and that’s a very short part of the movie’s run-time. The preachy angle it dips in at the end, where a premium-rate romance hotline transforms into a service that helps the elderly, is quite unpalatable. The only plus is that you now know who is at the end of that expensive adult hotline!


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